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Commercial & Residential Services

  • Asphalt/Pot Hole Repair Specialist
    This is a process in which areas of deteriorated roadway or driveways paved with asphalt have either crumbled or recessed into the surface. The section is cut using a diamond blade saw and removed for replacement with either S-3 hot-mixed asphalt or cold patch. After filling and leveling the surfaces, we compact the new material with either a plate compactor (3,000 psi) or an asphalt roller.
  • Seal coating
    The service is primarily done to prevent water intrusion and extend the longevity of asphalt. We at Krypto-Blast, Inc mix a solution of coal-tar emulsion @ ratios greater than manufactures recommendation with sand and latex additives. This helps to fill cracks and allow the surface to stay black longer! Proper procedures are done with designated tools for a clean and neat application.
  • Striping (Paint & Thermo)
    With either hot molten plastic (thermo) or DOT approved latex paints, striping is primarily done on roadways and parking lots. The designated symbols give the driver the information of where to park, when to stop, where to turn and which direction they should be travelling. This is a very specialized trade and requires designated equipment and knowledge!
  • Parking Lot Signs
    Installing proper signs in either parking lots or on roadways requires the contractor to have knowledge of city and county codes as to what there specifications are. We use materials that meet those requirements and the proper installation techniques.
  • Wheel Stop/Bumper Installation
    These concrete or rubber devices are used to prevent vehicles from going to deep into the parking stall. They are typically set 2' from the pavement edge and reinforced into the asphalt with steel pins.
  • Pressure Cleaning
    As we all know in South Florida, the service of pressure cleaning is a necessity on a very frequent basis. We at Krypto-Blast, Inc have the tools and experience to clean roofs, exterior walls, sidewalks, brick pavers, screen enclosure, pool decks and all other surfaces. We use specific chemicals, tools and procedures for the removal of difficult stains.
  • Paver/Concrete Sealing
    This process should be done after the cleaning of Brick Pavers or Concrete. Krypto-Blast, Inc prefers using an acrylic solvent based sealer which is typically applied with an airless sprayer or can be manually rolled. By applying this product, you extend the color imbedded into the paver and also prevent intrusions of oil and debris which can ultimately stain the surfaces. Sometimes it's necessary to re-sand the pavers in order to interlock the deck. This is done by spreading sand and allowing it to seep into the cracks. Afterward the surface is blown and the sealing process can begin.
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